Cool and Clear

I don’t particularly like the cold, but if it is going to be cold, I like it to be like today – “cool and clear.” 

Cool and clear is something that I’ve been striving to be more everyday. Not “cool” in terms of stylish or aloof, but “cool” in terms of calm, cool, and collected. Everyday I run into situations that challenge my ability to stay cool in business relationships, interactions with the kids, and frustrations with co-workers. What I’ve found is that I can’t control any of those things, the only thing I can control is being in a ‘cool’ state of mind as much as possible so that those other things don’t disrupt me or my focus. When I do that, I achieve that state of ‘clear’ and it is amazing what my mind can do in the moment when it is clear and engaged in conversation, challenge, or problem that it might encounter. My run today was cool and clear, I’m going to try to make the rest of the day the same.



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