When you work from home



Working from a home office is an interesting life sometimes. No, there’s no coworkers around to annoy you, and very few impromptu meetings pop up. It does have it’s own curveballs, however, and that is what makes it fun.

When you work from home…

– you are ALWAYS the one who has to make a new pot of coffee

– on snow days, your kids go to work with you

– you’ve got a shower connected to your office, just like the CEO

– most of your colleagues only see you in a head and shoulders shot on Skype

– every day is ‘take the dog to work day’

– you can get a workout in at lunchtime and not worry about the shower afterwards

– the commute is always great

– you have to remind yourself to ‘leave’ the office at the office

– you sometimes get lonely

– nobody checks your time sheet

– it is all about productivity because there’s no one to fool into thinking you’re BUSY

– ‘the office’ can be a very loose term and can be the deck, the kitchen, the coffee shop, the bar, the kid’s basketball practice, or the grocery store

In an effort to work to live instead of living to work, I wouldn’t trade working from home for anything. I couldn’t have done it at 28, but at 38 it is the perfect way for me to keep balance and perspective, rest and run hard, work and wind down.



One thought on “When you work from home

  1. Nailed it! I am especially fond of take your dog to work days. For me its mostly positive, except when they conspire to make as much noise and distraction as possible at the same time (I have 3). But, that story is for a future blog post….

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