Family Time

Thanksgiving is a time for family for many of us, including me. It is a nice change of pace from the everyday to have a few days of laying around, eating at weird times, kids pretty much running the show, and spending time with family. Family time reminds me that I didn’t come into this world by myself and I shouldn’t try to go through it by myself. While my friends are valuable to me, there still is no replacement for family and the way they understand you because in so many ways they are like you.

In the same way, holidays give me the opportunity to spend some running ‘family time.’ My wife and I usually run alone, getting our workouts in when the other is able to be at home with the kids or wherever the day will allow. We don’t get to run together very often, and I think we’re both ok with that because it is a time of quiet, peace, and reflection for each of us. Holidays allow us the opportunity to run together, however, and this morning we shared an easy run on a nice peaceful trail near Gainesville, FL. It was nice just to share that time together that didn’t require a lot of conversation or effort – we could just listen to the sound of our feet on the ground and our breaths syncing up as we jogged along the path and enjoy one another’s presence. While my friends and family are both important to me, my wife is my best friend and the most precious thing in my life and it is awesome to be able to spend this ‘family time’ together.

I love to travel and explore/run in new places encountering new people, but I’m reminded today that it doesn’t compare to holiday family time or a quiet run with my wife. Thanks be to God.




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