Fighting Ships – Old and New

San Diego is a beautiful place for just about anything. There is something so calming about the water that it makes me want to just keep running next to it as far as the path will allow. I could run for days along the coast I believe.

So how ironic it is to me that this is the home of so many Fighting Ships. In the harbor there are U.S. Navy vessels of today that are outfitted with all of the latest technology, and 18th century pirate ships that are on display for us to marvel that anyone could live and work in those conditions (and everything in between). The angst, struggle, and carnage that happened aboard these vessels doesn’t seem to fit the serene harbor they sit in today.

Life is like that sometimes; there seems to be angst, struggle, and stress happening all around and then I find a place to come to harbor and be peaceful. Fighting Ships are necessary in life, they are the work that must be done. But calm harbors are also necessary and I hope I can run in those for days.



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