My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Be Patient?


Ever heard the song “Future’s So Bright?” The jist is that the future is so bright, I’ve gotta wear shades. It is your standard 80’s one hit wonder, but I love the song. As I sit here on a sunny Friday afternoon, this is a highly relevant song for me. My family and I are healthy and happy, we’re refinancing our house and saving 8 years’ worth of payments, we planned some fun spring trips this week, and I’ve got more business lined up than my team can handle. The future certainly IS bright!

The hard part for me on a day like today is to┬ábe patient. Staying in the present when there is excitement about the future is challenging. Staying in the moment, however, is paramount if that bright future is going to play out the way I want it to turn out. I’ve found that if I start allowing myself to live in the future, some unforeseen sadness creeps in or an expense that I wasn’t expecting shows up. Fun times in the future with friends don’t live up to expectations when I fixate on them for months, and business deals that I thought were “a lock” always seem to fall apart at the last minute whenever I squeeze too hard to get the contract.

So today I’m just going to enjoy the sunshine AND the bright future. I’m going to wear my shades and stay present with the people and opportunities that are right here with me now. The future will take care of itself if I’m patient enough to wait until it gets here.